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  • "The Journey to Healing Begins Now"


    Hi, I’m Kirra. I am a psychotherapist in Arizona and Texas providing telehealth services to young adults embarking on a new chapter of their lives and working adults who are motivated to create long lasting change.

    Sometimes, we can feel lost in life, or not know which way to move forward toward growth and healing. I believe that each of us can heal, have peace and joy in our own lives. I help others connect to their own inner strengths to reach their full potential. I am passionate about helping others in their personal journeys in a safe, compassionate and non-judgmental environment. I support clients to empower themselves by listening to their own inner voice, and to live in a way that is authentic to themselves. It is an honor to support others in their process of self-discovery, growth and change.

    I am a culturally sensitive, inclusive and trauma informed therapist with a background in multicultural/multiracial issues. I help people heal from intergenerational trauma, race based trauma and childhood trauma.

    If you’re interested in having more joy and fulfillment in your life, get started by reaching out today!

    About Kirra Wong

    Education and Training:

    • Licensed Psychotherapist in the state of Arizona (LMFT #15258) and in the state of Texas (LMFT #205114)
    • Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California at Los Angeles in Sociology with a specialization in Asian American Studies
    • Master of Arts degree from the California Institute of Integral Studies in Counseling Psychology
    • A post-graduate, one year residency in Dialectical Behavior Therapy with an emphasis in mindfulness and yoga
    • Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics Phase One
    • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional
    • Ongoing, weekly professional group consultation